Mass of St. Thomas

This has become a popular congregational setting.   The Gloria was commissioned in 1985 by David Stancliffe whilst Provost of Portsmouth. It was specifically written to encourage congregational participation and to display the talents of the very fine soprano line of the Cathedral’s Voluntary Choir. The Gloria was originally written in D flat, a far more user friendly key at 9.30 in the morning!  It was a year later before the setting was completed and adopted for large scale events within the Portsmouth Diocese.

There was  no intention for the setting to be published, but David Stancliffe and Michael Pipes, then Headmaster of the City of Portsmouth Boys’ School felt that its success within the Cathedral should be shared by a wider congregation.  An SATB version with a number of additional acclamations  was eventually published in 1995, but the recording made by Neil Taylor and the Norwich Cathedral Girls’ Choir on the disc ‘Music for the Eucharist’ is a true reflection of the composer’s original intention.

Listen to the Gloria.

There have been some requests to reprint the setting using the Common Worship text, but there are no plans to update at the moment.

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